I listen, and I forget
I see, and I remember
I do, and I understand

- Chinese Proverb

Appearances 2017


Seaquence, The Whim of the Wind

I have been inspired to do a new series based on Sargasso grass which when dry, is reduced to circles and lines. I am interpreting these very basic design concepts in black and white, color, 2D, and 3D, as well as analyzing how the fourth dimension defines/informs the project.

I have created an installation made of glass and sand to push the two dimensional concept into a three dimensional reality. The circles and lines will occupy space as spheres of light and lines of shade. The viewer is encouraged to interact with the installation to combine the elements of time, the fourth dimension, and weather, as part of nature. Patterns in the sand may be formed by the wind, and the lines and spheres will cast shadows. These patterns will change as the earth revolves around the sun.

As the Sargasso grass is washed ashore in fractals of rhythm, the installation will change as wind, weather, nonhumans, and humans discover these simple shapes and lines and create their own natural patterns and rhythms.